Philly – September PR

Philly won 102 games this season, but are literally limping into the playoffs.  We have a few players slumping but The Brawl vs Bronx would be a fucking amazing time to catch fire.

25 year old Orlando Mendez finished his 23-5 season by going 3-4, including losses to The Bronx and Edmonton.  His 23 wins led the league as did his 2.59 ERA.  Perinka is hoping he doesn’t fuck up The Brawl, but he was quoted earlier that Mendez would be his starter for the one game playoff.

Closer Jim House finished the season with a career high 38 saves, career low 1.21 ERA, and 70 strikeouts in 52 innings.

On the batting side, we missed lead off hitter and Right Fielder Scott Goodman for the first 4 months.  That said, he was 2nd in CL in triples with 10, and 5th is stolen bases with 31.  His presence was missed the first 90 games of the season.

Hopeful that this turns into a successful postseason, but we are really struggling heading in.  More to come.  This has to be the most dismal year end report for a 102 win team ever.

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