Philly playoff PR

The Athletics clubhouse is in shambles.  Upon announcing Orlando Mendez as the starter vs Bronx in The Brawl, SP David O’Quinn literally kicked in Manager Joe Davidson’s door, demanding that he gets the start.

GM Robert Perinka stated that he appreciated the competitive flair shown by O’Quinn, but wanted to know who was paying for the office door.

O’Quinn told reporters that he was 2-0 against The Bronx, Mendez has been getting his ass handed to him recently and that O’Quinn would guarantee a trip to the next round if he was on the bump.  He called the decision to start Mendez wreckless, careless, and just another poor decision made by manager Davidson.  O’Quinn listed recent decisions to pinch hit for the team’s best hitter during a recent slew of losses when asked of these poor decisions, and leaning on September call ups in the bullpen instead of the guys on the 25 man roster.

Davidson said, let’s just play ball and that O’Quinn just needs a beer to calm down his Irish temper.  Perinka refused to comment on whether or not he considered replacing Davidson down the stretch in September…..  Exciting stuff.  More to follow.

For The Brawl, Mendez will start.


RF Goodman

SS Flores

LF Homer

1B Kirby

3B Deffenu

C   Camacho

2B Ruiz

CF Sykes vs RH / Karube vs LH

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