Philly Playoff Classic PR

I know a lot of you guys all know each other and live near each other, but the opportunity for me to hang out with Ryan during our series was truly priceless.  We were sitting in the hotel lobby bar, a bunch of old people from an Oiler booster group was having a little reception, which was weird since they were all in their Edmonton gear even though they weren’t playing until the next day, Nashville had to take care of division leading Washington first, and I kept checking my phone to see if we started yet, and we were trying to figure out if the sim started, how could we get it projected on the big screen tv in the bar.  We then realized it would not be, so we headed out to Broadway where our senses were overwhelmed by beer, the smell of smoked meet, and titties farther than the eye could see, as well as a different band in each room of the bar.  The beers were going down smooth, but we are in Nashville…  Barkeep!!!  Tennessee Whiskey!!  The shots came over, we posed for a picture (the band was supposed to be in the background, but like I said the beers had been flowing).  Like Chris Stapleton said, that shot was smooth and sweet as strawberry wine.  “Another!!” one of us yelled, it started to get fuzzy.  You could tell it was starting to take effect because I clearly remember thinking chicks in Washington Capitals jerseys were starting to look good.  Then, it was time to go.  Ryan had a team dinner at one of those she she foo foo places, I stumbled to a bar designed to look like a trailer park (there is an el camino parked inside) to watch the end of the Nashville victory.  Then headed home to sober up and dry out some.  I ended up not going to the game vs Edmonton.  TBH, Daytona was on so I had hockey on one screen, the race on another, and checking sims on a third.  Coupled with two hockey victories, a playoff victory for Philly, a Busch brother winning Daytona, and getting to meet a class act in the league, Robbie had a pretty fucking good weekend.

Next up, Gordo and his Blues.

Philly will keep the lineup the same

RF Goodman

SS Flores

LF Homer

1B Kirby

3B Deffenu

C   Camacho

2B Ruiz

CF Sykes vs RH / Karube vs LH

Rotation will go

1. Mendez

2. Lorenzo

3. Souza

4. O’Quinn

5. Mendez

6. Lorenzo

7. Souza


Best of luck Gord

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