Houston Locks Down Youth Long Term

The Houston Colt .45’s have now locked down their young and potent offense for several years. With 25 year old Catcher Cory Barton agreeing in principal to a 3 year extension, every staring position player will be on the team until 1954…barring trades of course. Here’s a look at the …

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Bronx Aggressive in Pursuit of Glory

The Bronx Bombers completed a very successful inaugural season in the Polaris Union Baseball League. However, a 5 run 9th inning implosion in game 7 of the Canis league championship, has left management eager for improvement. Gone are relievers Jack Kramer (responsible for four of the 5 runs), John Rush …

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Kinuso Blues Off Season to Date

Adds – new manager – Jason Richardson – rated very high in all categories, last guy wasn’t very good, maybe this guy keeps the team playing well – new scout – Mark Vogel – thinks all the players the last scout liked suck. I like this guy. Contraction Draft – …

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Kitscoty Big Bat almost out the Door

Kitscoty Big Bat on the Move??? Word on the street, is that Kitscoty is once again shopping its best batter Sal Funkwho hit .275 with 35 HR and 144RBI’s last season. Funk earned 8K last season and is in Arbitration talks. Rumors are Kitscoty is looking for a Catcher.

Louisville Redbirds off season

Plans are to add some hitting. Needs are SS and 3B. I have the pitching to contend. Need that extra pop. Team did well for most part of season. But did not finish strong. a 82 – 72 record not bad. Just not good enough

Houston’s Off-Season Plans

The Houston Colt .45’s had a very good inaugural run, making it all the way to the PUB Classic before being swept by a very good San Francisco team. All of that is in the past now, what GM Michael Carroll likes to focus on is the future. “I think …

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PUB News: Arbitration Hearings

Saturday, November 11th, 1950 The PUB salary arbitration hearings will be held today. For a few fleeting hours, general managers, players and their mouthpieces will conduct a risky game of verbal tug-of-war. Players, used to settling their scores on the field, could make millions or find their paychecks slashed summarily. …

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Wallace Selected UL’s Top Pitcher

Friday, November 3rd, 1950 The Prime Hurler Award for 1950 has been presented and the Ursa League winner is Johnny Wallace of Seattle. “It’s always nice to receive an award like this,” said Wallace. “I just hope I can improve on my performance next year and be in the running …

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Houston Going to 4 Man Rotation

Houston’s 5th starter, 40 year old SP Victor Jones, may only have 12 starts left in the season. With a day off coming nearly every week the rest of the way, the Colt .45’s are going to be doing a lot of 4 man roto and placing Jones in a …

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