Kinuso Blues – Polaris Classic PR 1955

Well, much like John Wick, the Blues were given an impossible task, to come back from a 3-1 deficit to the 5 time UL champion Houston .45s. After an epic extra inning marathon the Blues now face the Philadelphia Athletics in the ’55 Polaris Classic.

During the regular season the Blues went 2-1 vs the A’s with Octavio Ayala and Pedro Valdes having good starts.

The speculated starting rotation for the Blues:

  1. SP – Pedro Valdes – was traded from the A’s to the Blues for Arturo Lorenzo
  2. SP – Octavio Ayala – 3-0 so far in the playoffs with 2.91 ERA
  3. SP – Matsu Yamanaka – 2-1 and got the W in the game 7 marathon
  4. SP – Masuhiro Yamada – no wins but 2 solid starts vs Houston, 2.70 ERA

The batting order is set up (vs LHP) to be:

  1. 2B – Sukenobu Shibata Jr.
  2. CF – Jesse Ferguson
  3. 1B – Gary Kelly
  4. 3B – Adrian Vargas
  5. LF – Norm Jones
  6. RF – Ricky Burnett
  7. SS – Jorge Valenzuela
  8. C – Miguel Salinas

The A’s went through 2 dynamos to reach the final. The Blues scored 21 fewer runs in the regular season and allowed 86 more runs. It will be a tough task, but after the UL championship these Blues believe anything can happen.

Good Luck Robbie!

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