Kinuso Blues 1955 Season wrap up

What a season for the Blues!

  • Made the playoffs as 2nd Wildcard
  • Beat Mr. Magnificent and the rest of the Whalers in the Brawl
  • Came back from 3-1 deficit to dethrone UL powerhouse Houston .45s
  • Lost to Philadelphia Athletics in the Polaris Classic in 6 games.


  • LF Vic Wertz – led the offense with 52 HR, 127 RBI, OPS .990, great season from Wertz but his post season left something to be desired as he hit .220 but sure pounded a ton of balls into the ground. He was 2nd in UL Prime Masher voting but won Platinum Stick for LF.
  • CF Ricky Burnett – had good HR numbers for the Blues but his SB totals and OBP decreased from his previous season. There is a new manager at the helm for Kinuso so hopefully they will run more next season.
  • RF Norm Jones – season was opposites of Wertz, somewhat disappointing regular season but he hit .391 in the post season. He has exercised his option for next year.
  • Best young player this year was – 1B Gary Kelly – he hit 12 HR in 274 AB with .321 avg


  • SP Octavio Ayala – 21 – 6 record, finished 3rd in Prime Hurler voting. Was great in post season with 3 wins and 2.94 ERA.
  • SP Pedro Valdes – 24 year old showed well in 1st full season, 4.31 ERA, 6K/9 IP, few too many walks
  • CL Tyler Barker – 25 year old had 38 SV, 2.79 ERA, only blew 2 SV all year
  • RP – Britt Olsen was a workhorse in the bullpen, 102.2 inning in 83 games, 2.63 ERA.
  • RP – Rafael Gallegos – 61.1 innings of work, the 24 year old lefty had 2.35 ERA, 1.08 WHIP.


  • SP Elton Dotson – continued to develop and did well with AAA call up
  • SP Bob MacDonald – also moved to AAA and put up a decent 4.29 ERA

On tap for ’56

  • New manager – former Bench Coach Juan Otero has been promoted to manager and Bill Day did not have his contract renewed. The GM hopes that Otero is more aggressive on the base paths and doesn’t make as many head scratching choices as Day did (why he kept putting Catchers at lead off still boggles my mind).
  • The same team will start the year, the Blues will get full seasons from the Japanese trio of SP Yamanaka, SP Yamada and 2B Shibata
  • Some areas of need include – at least 1 more RH hitter, would like to find another LH SP, improve OBP so that the 203 HR hitting team have more runners on base to knock home and the offence can improve from 10th in runs scored
  • Avoid a fall off of the veteran talent

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