Hellions 1956 Season Starts…

the way their seasons usually start, with a thud. 2-3 against Charleston and Atlantic City. Two teams predicted to finish lower than them in the standings.

I know we’ve only played the first five games, but the Hellions are ranked dead last in 7 out of 11 important batting statistics, and not much better in pitching stats. A .202 team batting average and .544 OPS?! Putrid!

Bright spots? 2B Armando Sierra keeps getting on base and should be starting for Eric Watson, at least against righties, soon. SP Allen Blosser somehow managed to win a game with six solid innings pitched; although, he did walk more than he struck out. (Probably not a good omen for his remaining starts.)

Closer Ronald Hall and LF Trevor Gates were solid, as usual.

That’s about all there is to say about this team thus far.

We’ll probably be hearing some unprintable language from owner Thom Brown soon. Until then, go Scallions!

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